Research in Archaeology

Students on a Dig

The Archaeology Program at UNCG offers students a wide variety of opportunities to participate in fieldwork each summer. Students can travel to South America, Africa, the southeastern United States, or the Mediterranean region to excavate, survey the landscape, draw and sort artifacts, study museum collections, or analyze and categorize various types of soil. The field schools that are directed by our faculty are listed under the “fieldwork” tab to the left. Please contact the individual faculty member who directs the field school in which you are interested, if you have questions or desire further information. Most applications for field schools are due in the Fall semester (for the following summer); please keep this deadline in mind as you make your plans.

During the academic year, opportunities also exist to work in the Archaeology lab or to complete research projects with individual faculty. Please contact the individual faculty members to learn about potential research projects or to explore the possibility of faculty-mentored research.