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Studying Artifacts

The Archaeology Program at UNCG is offered through through Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (BLIS), because it draws faculty from four different departments on campus (Anthropology, Classical Studies, Geography and History). As they complete the requirements for an BLIS (Archaeology) degree at UNCG, students will take courses in all four of these departments, as well as a few additional departments, depending on the electives chosen. In order to find the courses that count towards the Archaeology Program in the “Class Schedule” on UNC Genie, leave the “subject” box as “Not Applicable”, and for “Course Category”, select “ARC Archaeology.” The Chair of the Archaeology Program advises all majors; please feel free to contact him/her with any questions about requirements for the degree.

The BLIS Archaeology Program offers students an opportunity to take courses about the archaeology of prehistoric and historic cultures around the globe. Those students who are interested only in the archaeology of North America, South America, and/or Africa can choose instead to major in Anthropology or Geography; those who prefer Classical Archaeology (Greece and Rome) can choose to major in Classical Studies, with a concentration in Classical Archaeology. Many BLIS Archaeology students also double major or minor in Anthropology, Classical Studies, Geography, or History. Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin to read more about these programs, and speak with your adviser about appropriate courses of study. Students who major in the Department of Classical Studies are required to take ancient Greek or Latin as part of their degree. BLIS Archaeology Program students can satisfy the foreign language requirement by taking an ancient or modern language of their choice.