Special thanks to ...

The Greek Archaeological Service and its Representatives in East Crete


The Institute for Aegean Prehistory

The National Endowment for the Humanities

The Samual H. Kress Foundation

Marion, Philippe and Henri Lambert

The Loeb Classical Library, Harvard University

Karen Morely Westcott

Michael Ratner

The Deiki Chapter of the Maids of Athena

The General Greene Chapter of the American-Hellenic Educational Progressive Association

The William A. Stern Foundation

BlackRock, Inc.


Professor Jeffrey S. Soles, Co-Director

Professor Costis Davaras, Co-Director

Dr. Tom Brogan, Assistant Director

Jonathan M. Flood, 2012 Field Director

Jerolyn Morrison and Dr. Melissa Eaby- Pottery Analysts

Professor Tristan Carter - Lithics

Dr. Gianluca Cantoro - Architect

Dr. Steffie Chlouverakis - Chief Conservator

Doug Faulmann - Chief Architect/Artist

Costis Frangiadakis and Theocharis Katrakazis- Site Conservators

Dr. Angela Hussein - Cataloguer

Dr. Evi Margaritis - Floral Analyst/Palaeobotany

Dr. Dimitra Mylona - Faunal Analyst/Fish

Karyn Necciai - Registrar

Dr. Maria Ntinou - Floral Analyst/Wood

Dr. Eleni Nodarou - Ceramic Petrographer

Dr. David Reese - Faunal Analyst/Mammals and Shells

Dr. Mary Ellen Soles - Cataloguer

Dr. Alessandra Giumlia-Mair - Metals Expert

Drs. Susan Ferrence and Evi Sikla - Prepalatial Pottery Analysts

Professor Angus Smith - Mycenaean Pottery Analyst

Dr. Sevi Triantaphyllou - Physical Anthropologist

Dr. Natalia Vogeikoff - Hellenistic Pottery Analyst



Jeffrey C. Patton

Christopher Witmore

Tammy C. Smith

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